Collaborations with all kinds of artists,  where the script is a starting point. Creating vibrant performances that inspire you to look, to listen and to feel – and see the world in brand new ways. 

Three Dancers,
Three Visual Artists
Two Filmmakers and One Composer

Fall 2020
The Studio@620, St. Petersburg

A short film on disconnection, re-connection – and finding new ways to connect.

A collaborative creation with choreographer Paula Kramer, director Jim Rayfield. . . dancers Helen Hansen French, Fernando Chon-Qui and Jessica Obiedzinski. . . visual artists Carrie Jadus, Tony Palms and Ana Maria Vasquez. . . filmmakers Eugenie Bondurant and Mary Rachel Quinn. . . and composer Tom Sivak.

This project is made possible thanks to a St. Pete Arts Alliance Individual Artist Grant and Paula Kramer’s Creative Pinellas Professional Artist Grant.

Tiny Plays by Telephone

May 17-June 4, 2020

Imaginative audio stories performed live on the telephone.

With Ned Averill-Snell, Eugenie Bondurant, Jan Neuberger, Mary Rachel Quinn, Stephanie Roberts, David Warner and Kate Young. Directed by Jim Rayfield, original song by Kate Young and soundscape by Matt Cowley. With many thanks to The Studio@620.


April 2020
A Dance-Powered Spaceship Launched by Words


September 2019
A play for one actor, one viola player

and an unlimited number of visual artists



January 2020
A Collaboration for the USF St Petersburg Marine Science Department
with an actor, a dancer, a bag of balloons and an electron microscope


Dance, Theatre and Science


April 2019
a Story Told in Movement

Mad Science

October 2019
Launching a Dance-Powered Spaceship

Celebrating Tom and Paula Kramer’s 65th anniversary, with actors Eugenie Bondurant, Jan Neuberger and Lisa Tricomi, dancers Helen Hansen French and Crystal DelGiudice, Tom Sivak on piano and Matt Cowley on drums.

Fire Dance

October 2017
a Short Play with Dance Based on a Painting

I’m Here

March 2017
a Short Play with Dance Based on a Photograph

St Pete Synesthesia

March 2016
a Collaborative Arts Event

Carrie Jadus’ palette, in the midst of Synesthesia