A free illustrated audiobook for kids from the Sparks Collaborative Ensemble – with visual, literary and performing artists creating moments inspired by rainbows, and the word “rainbow” in many different people’s voices.

Many thanks for the creative work of

Stacey B.
Sally Baynard
Larry Biddle
Eugenie Bondurant
Cecil C.
Fernando Chonqui
Creative Clay
Diversity Arts
Kim Dohrman
Matthew Doolin
Helen French
Isaac French
Paxton French
John Gascot
Douglas Hall
Margo Hammond
Jay Hoff
Jim Howell
John Huls
Ivy J.
Bob Devin Jones
Paula Kramer
Carla L.
Sheryl L. 
Alex M.
Suna M.
Harriet Monzon-Aguirre
Madeline Monzon-Aguirre
Thomas Monzon-Aguirre
William Monzon-Aguirre
Aynsleigh Morehouse
Paula Nuñez
John C. O’Leary III, with thanks to Arbors Records
Marquise R.
Sydney R.
Beth Reynolds
Mimi Rice
Stephanie Roberts
Aby S.
Carissa Smith
Tampa City Ballet
Kelly Tian
Ana Maria Vasquez
David Warner 
Dave Waterman