Marlene’s Nemesis (but really she’s her mom) – Amphibious Plane by Chris C.

July 30, 2023
The Studio@620, St Petersburg FL

A Rollicking, Gender-Bending Radio-Theatre-Telenovela Adventure in Four Cliffhanger Episodes, illustrated by Creative Clay – to benefit The Studio@620.

The Flying Leap – Airship by Marissa H.

Marlene Malone is searching the world for her long-gone mom – Riley Malone, notorious spy and master of disguise who disappeared 42 and a half years ago, when Marlene was 11.

With her capable companion Poppy and her Aunty Bee’s dog Freddy, Marlene travels the world for the truth amid plot twists and shocking revelations, mistaken identity, hidden identity, transformation, blatant lies, long-lost love and family complications – it’s a rip-roaring voyage of discovery in a homemade airship as Marlene discovers her mom was really her dad in disguise all along and is now a woman – and the person Marlene believes is her nemesis is her biological mom, who was disguised as her dad at the time.

All ends happily for everyone except the goofy bad guys, as Marlene and Freddy blast off with Poppy – with the final shocking revelation that Poppy’s an alien!

Archie’s floating garden on The Greeny Beast – 
De-Commissioned Aircraft Carrier by Suna M.

Created by Sheila Cowley

The Thrilling Beginning – written by Sheila Cowley
The Thrilling Pie Episode – written by Tom Sivak
The Thrilling Disco Whirlpool Episode – 
written by James Rayfield
The Thrilling Conclusion – written by Sheila Cowley, James Rayfield and Tom Sivak

Airship by Sarah S.

Performed by

Robin O’Dell as Marlene Malone

Stephanie Roberts as Poppy

Vickie Daignault as Captain Splash, Aunty Bee, the Mysterious Woman, Riley Malone – and Freddy the dog!

David Warner as Archie, the Elusive Eddy and Eubie

Bob Devin Jones as the Announcer

Colorful, Magical Garden by Jenny D.

Directed by James Rayfield

Original Music by Tom Sivak

Airship by Hanna V.

Tech by Matt Cowley and Sheila Cowley

With thanks to Marcus Wehby, Coralette Damme, Bob Devin Jones and The Studio@620

Oasis by Marquise R.

Visual illustrations by Creative Clay Member Artists

Chris C.
Gus A.
Hanna V.
Jenny D.
Laura G.
Marissa H.
Marquise R.
Sarah S.
Suna M.

Airship by Laura G.
Airship by Chris C.
Captain Splash by Marquise R.
Freddy’s Space by Marissa H.
Freddy the Dog’s Space by Sarah S.
Oasis by Marissa H.
Airship by Gus A.
Colorful Garden by Suna M.