A play for one actor, one viola player and an unlimited number of visual artists, developed in collaboration with the member artists and good folk at Creative Clay. A woman who’s a law-abiding citizen. . . but not when it comes to the law of gravity.

Performed by Lisa Powers Tricomi, viola player A.J. Vaughan and member artists Chris C., Francella D., Lindsay J., Artemisa M., Marquise R., Hanna V. and Francella’s trusty service dog Apollo, with Creative Clay staffers Andrew Haan, Marcy Miller and Emily Turnage.

Choreographed by Paula Kramer and directed by Jim Rayfield, with set design and movement by the artists of Creative Clay, and script by me. Thanks to our designer Allen Loyd for consultation. Performance photos by Tom Kramer.

Airlift’s movement and visuals were built on the inventive, beautiful and humorous ideas of our visual artists, who became performance artists.

On September 26, 2019 our performance outside the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown St. Petersburg became a joyous parade that around 300 people joined, following our artists inside for a special exhibit of Creative Clay’s work at the MFA that night.

Rehearsal photos below by Sheila Cowley