St Pete Synesthesia

A collaborative celebration of performing, visual and literary arts in St. Petersburg. A day-long artistic chain reaction on March 26, 2016 at The Studio@620, where art inspires art and artists spark each other, and we create a live performance.

Here’s the writeup from the national Dramatists Guild magazine. . .  Synesthesia_DGuild2016_full-article.  And a lovely followup article published in Creative Loafing Tampa.

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Synesthesia Carrie pallette

Starting with a story by 10-year-old Lily McDole, performed by actor Becca McCoy. . . that set off a dance choreographed by Helen Hansen French and Paula Kramer to Matt Cowley’s sound design. . . that inspired a sculpture by James Oleson that became part of the dance. . . that inspired Jonathan Cho to create a lovely song. . . that started actors Elizabeth Brincklow, Jim Rayfield, Lisa Powers Tricomi and Jim Wicker, and playwright Sheila Cowley devising a play. . . that inspired ZuluPainter’s new painting. . . that drew a poem from Maureen McDole. . . that helped Carrie Jadus think of a new painting. . . that became a thrilling choral call-and-response poem by Bob Devin Jones. And Banks Helfrich surprised us all with joyous silent clowning, while  Tom Kramer caught the creative process in marvelous photos.

Lisa by Hal

Many thanks to all the wonderful artists involved, and thanks of course to New York’s Athena Theatre and Electric Pear Productions for this stimulating format.

Banks with statue by Hal  Elizabeth puppets by Hal

Photos below by Tom Kramer
18 Synesthesia-Paula and Helen

54a Synesthesia-Bob

45b Synesthesia-Maureen     6 Synesthesia-Becca 6   24a Synesthesia-James and Jonathan

photo by Tom Kramer

38 Synesthesia-Zulu and Lisa

29b Synesthesia-Jonathan    46 Synesthesia-Carrie36 Synesthesia-Sheila