Editing for length and story. Advanced audio editing and mixing – voice tracks, theatre pieces, promo spots, news. Complex multitrack vocal editing and masking of flaws, mixing with music and sound effects, physical editing of music recorded live with voices. Scripting and adapting scripts for audio. Field recording, tape syncs.

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Selected Audio Works
Ybor Speaks 2020-2021 City of Tampa Public Art Commission with Matt Cowley and Paul Wilborn – celebrating Ybor City’s diverse community and history through soundscapes, audio book selections, fictional audio vignettes and online talks. Research, scriptwriting, casting, logistics and audio editing. Producer: Arts In, the Creative Pinellas podcast Conversations with visual, literary and performing artists. Recording, editing and mixing. Visually-Descriptive Audio Tours of St Petersburg’s Murals for the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, voiced by Eugenie Bondurant. Research, scripting, recording, editing. Salvador Dali Museum audio tours Francisco Goya tour 2019, Teen Voices Tour 2019, Rene Magritte tour 2018, Clyde Butcher tour 2018, Marcel Duchamp tour 2018, Eduardo Chillida audio tour 2017, Horst P. Horst tour 2016 and M.C. Escher tour 2015 with Eugenie Bondurant. Frida Kahlo audio tour 2017 with Susan Sarandon. Spanish version of Frida Kahlo tour with Isabel Bertram 2017. Ferran Adria tour with Vickie Daignault 2016. Editor and Producer of Offramp, the award-winning improvised radio series with Gary Bass, Matt Cowley and Dave Waterman syndicated to public and college stations and Sirius/XM. Available on the Public Radio Exchange.

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