Sunday, August 16, 2020
Tampa Repertory Theatre

The aftermath of war and the tiny, daily acts of heroism that never earn a medal. An online performance by Tampa Repertory Theatre, directed by L. Peter Callender.

This play was written from the start for diverse casting, knowing that’s historically inaccurate. But I never want to write a play that only white actors can be in.

Black and Latinx actors have performed beautifully in readings in NYC, Chicago, Austin and Tampa. This marks the first time the entire cast will be actors of color. A benefit for Tampa Rep –

Tiny Plays by Telephone
for Kids and the Stressed-Out

May 17-June 4, 2020

Works of audio imagination performed live on the telephone.


May 28, 2020
City Theatre
Miami FL

Featured in Virtual Shorts performed by Stephon Duncan, directed by Margaret Ledford.


May 27, 2020
Jersey City Theatre Center
Jersey City NJ

JCTC Virtual New Plays Festival

A screenwriter has spent her career killing the same actor over and over. Now that actor is asking her to rewrite his wife’s very recent – and very real – death. 


When it isn’t Christmas anymore.

Included in Gary Garrison’s A Younger Ten: Writing the Ten-Minute Play, published Spring 2020. 


April 2020
a Zoom Play with Creative Clay

A short play based on the favorite words of Creative Clay’s artists and staff.

Performed by Eugenie Bondurant and Mary Rachel Quinn, danced by Paula Kramer, directed by Jim Rayfield, with artwork by Creative Clay and post-production by Eugenie Bondurant.


February 14-29, 2020
PYGmalion Productions

Rose Wagner Performance Arts Center, Salt Lake City UT

Honored that Flying was beautifully performed onstage at PYGmalion Productions in Salt Lake City, a National New Play Network member theater – February 14-29, 2020.

Starry Night

February 14-16, 2020
The Mark

Chicago IL

Onstage in Lez Beaus!  Produced by Violet Surprise.

An astronomer who feels gravity yanking at her socks when she looks up at the stars, and an artist who’s overwhelmed by sounds vibrating off of blue and purple, find their way along an awkward first date on a cloudy night. 


January 14, 2020
USFSP University Student Center Ballrooms

St Petersburg FL

A dance-theatre-science collaboration for the University of South Florida St. Petersburg’s Marine Science Department’s Art & Science event.

Developed with dancer Paula Kramer, actor Jim Rayfield and Electron Microscope Manager Tony Greco.