An illustrated audiobook celebrating science and discovery – inspired by the crucial work of Dr. Mya Breitbart at the USFSP College of Marine Science on researching the cause and cure of an epidemic killing long-spined sea urchins – and her verve for science and problem-solving. A beautiful theatre-and-science collaboration performed by Mimi Rice, directed by James Rayfield and illustrated by Mya Breitbart and her research team.

Download the script, so you can read along.

A Sparks Collaborative Ensemble Project

written by Sheila Cowley

performed by Mimi Rice

directed by James Rayfield

illustrated by Dr. Mya Breitbart

Created for Art & Science Night 2023, a collaboration between the USF College of Marine Science, the USF St. Petersburg campus STEM Club and Tampa Bay visual and performing artists, organized by Makenzie Kerr. 

Find out more about the College of Marine Science, the Diadema Sea Urchin, and the crucial global ocean research USF faculty and students are engaged in. . .