a preview of our Sparks NEA grant collaboration with Creative Clay and the USFSP College of Marine Science – an inclusive dance performance with Creative Clay’s words in English, Spanish and ASL

A live performance at Creative Clay’s Spring for the Arts fundraiser on April 19, 2024.

“What Shines Beneath” is a collaborative poem with words by Aby S., Ashton Sanchez, Cecil C., Emily Turnage, Gina Kenney, Lindsay Johnson, Marquise Russ, Sydney R. and Theresa H. – Creative Clay member artists and teaching artists working with poet Sara Ries Dziekonski

performed by Sara Ries Dziekonski in English, Fernando Chonqui in Spanish and Carol Downing in ASL

Dancers – Aby Search, Au’Shea A., Carla L., Cecil C., Chris Coyle, Helen French, Ivy Jenkins, Jarrett Clark, Joseph “J.J.” Hitch, Lindsay Johnson, Mari M., Marcus S., Marquise Russ, Sienna Martin, Stephanie Parr, Theresa H.

choreography by Helen Hansen French

concept by Sheila Cowley

music curated by Stephanie Roberts

Please see the video for complete credits and the many wonderful Creative Clay member artists and teaching artists who collaborated on this work.