Ybor Speaks

2020-2022 City of Tampa Public Art Commission with Matt Cowley and Paul Wilborn – celebrating Ybor City’s diverse community and history through soundscapes, audio book selections, fictional audio vignettes and public talks.

Glad to work with the amazing voice actors Fanni Green and Dora Arreola, Dave Waterman, Stephanie Roberts, a wonderful class of TheatreUSF students, many special guests speaking Spanish, Rumanian, Italian and Yiddish, and JL Rey and Mary Gonzalez of Tampa’s Spanish Lyric Theatre – creating fictional audio vignettes set in Ybor in the 1890s, 1920s, during WWII and the trauma of Urban Renewal, and in the 1980s arts renaissance. Recorded during the pandemic long-distance, outside, via Zoom, in home studios and a rented studio facility.


Broadwaters Theatre
, Hollywood CA
 2Cents Theatre Group’s Acting Out INK Festival.

A screenwriter has spent her career killing the same actor over and over. Now that actor is asking her to rewrite his wife’s recent – and very real – death.