A commission for March Forth Productions‘ Krampusnacht celebration. An elf longing for artistic freedom, and an elf who wants to drive the sleigh. Live Foley effects and Rudolph is long dead. December 12, 2015 at Under St. Marks Theatre, Manhattan. With Lisa Archer, Trey Blackburn, Olivia Harris, Zach Levin and Chris Palmieri, live Foley and sound design by Andre Sguerra. Directed by Eric Webb.

A live radio version was performed as part of the Radio Theatre Project at the Studio@620 in St. Petersburg on December 28, 2015. With Bob Heitman and Ron Satloff, Bonnie Agan and Jim Wicker. Directed by Jim Wicker.

Here’s to Matt Cowley and all the Foley artists behind the scenes and in front. If you haven’t seen Oliver Holms’ film, The Foley Artist, it’s the beautiful and comic art of what they do.