A carnivalesque, gender-fluid riff on the humans inĀ A Midsummer Night’s Dream
a play in progress. . .

Thanks to a Creative Pinellas 2018 Professional Artist fellowship, a workshop of Madness was held at The Studio@620 in St Petersburg, with a staged reading for a full house on September 15.


Directed by Dan Granke

Choreographed by Paula Kramer

Matthew Frankel
Eddie Gomez
Susan Haldeman
Tonia Krueger
Jan Neuberger
Stephanie Roberts
Jim Wicker

Ethan Barbee
Crystal DelGiudice
Helen Hansen French
Deisha King

Music by Tom Sivak and Matt Cowley

Set consultation by visual artist Kenny Jensen
Featured artwork by Coralette Damme and Ana Maria Vasquez
Photos by Tom Kramer

The first reading of this script was held April 10, 2018 in St. Petersburg FL. With Fanni Green, Jim Wicker, Ned Averill-Snell, Stephanie Roberts, Eugenie Bondurant, Lisa Powers-Tricomi, Chris Rutherford and Robin Gordon.

Find out more about Madness at Creative Pinellas.

Scenes from an early version of the play were workshopped in St. Petersburg on July 2, 2018 with Beth Gelman, Jim Rayfield, Tom Sivak and Matt Cowley.