Charlie’s done everything his father said would make him a good man – work hard, get married, raise a family. Jack’s a doctor and almost a hermit, since his longtime partner left town. When their work lives connect, Charlie has to face fears and desires he’s been struggling against all his life.

The script looks at the experience of many men of my father’s generation, brought up in a tight-knit, macho family where gay men are only spoken of when making a bad joke. The story explores the legacy of fathers and sons, and how one person’s changes resonate throughout a family.

Development History

This script had a staged reading at the Alliance of Resident Theatres in Manhattan on July 30, 2012, hosted by Brooklyn’s Reverie Productions. Directed by David L. Carson. With Jeff Doherty, Jeffrey Farber, Cynthia Hewett, Jacob Callie Moore, Lisa O’Hara and Ken Talberth.

Finalist, Reverie Productions, Brooklyn 2012.

A later version of this script had a staged reading at American Stage in St. Petersburg on January 10, 2012. Directed by Karla Hartley. With Matthew Belopavlovich, Eugenie Bondurant, Richard Coppinger, Chris Rutherford, Nicole Jeannine Smith and Jim Wicker.

This script had a first reading at the Stagewrights new play development group, part of Stageworks Theatre in Tampa on November 29, 2011. With Bonnie Agan, Giles Davis, David Frankel, Nicole Jeannine Smith, Dave Waterman and Jim Wicker.