Saturday, September 28
on the steps of the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg

A play for one actor and an unlimited number of visual artists, developed in collaboration with the member artists and good folk at Creative Clay.

With Lisa Powers Tricomi, choreographed by Paula Kramer, with original music by A.J. Vaughan, designed by Allen Loyd. Many thanks to Kim Dohrman, Marcy Miller and Fanni Green.

Mad Science

October 3
The Studio@620

St Petersburg FL

The interactive theatre-dance-live-band experience, Mad Science, will be at The Studio@620 as one of many wonderful performances taking place around dance photographer Tom Kramer’s solo exhibition. Join us as we get an imaginary spaceship off the ground, with dancing as the rocket fuel. Live music by pianist Tom Sivak and drummer Matt Cowley, choreographed by Paula Kramer.

The Burlesque Astronomy Play

November 11
Williams Street Repertory

Crystal Lake IL

The Burlesque Astronomy Play will be featured in Williams Street Repertory‘s 2019-2020 Reading Series on November 11 in Crystal Lake, outside Chicago.